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August 2008

Went to the American Air Power Museum today

Lily went to the U.S. Open today with our son, so I took the girl to the American Air Power Museum.  She had fun and I took some good pictures.  I’ve just made this one my desktop image. It came… Continue Reading →

Governor Palin’s qualifications are what again?

NRO got it right. Inexperience. Palin has been governor for about two minutes. Thanks to McCain’s decision, Palin could be commander-in-chief next year. That may strike people as a reckless choice; it strikes me that way. And McCain’s age raised… Continue Reading →

Jamie and Adam are mad scientists

The Mythbusters are awesome. CPU rendering vs GPU. What a demonstration.

Sigh, Yellow jackets might not be all dead

This morning we had no dead yellow jackets in the bedroom.  We got home after 7 PM tonight and found two new one’s on the carpet next to the door of the closet.  They were both dead but that means… Continue Reading →

Wow, what a maverick

Check out this interview with John McCain on the Time/CNN website.  It’s a little disturbing how far he’s gone off from being himself.  He is not the same man who competed with George W. Bush for the Republican presidential nomination.

Cleaned up the bedroom of dead yellow jackets

A picture tells the story. There were 65 dead ones, mostly around the windows. Yellow jackets die off quickly and try to get out via the windows. Friday we will open up the closet.  I’m betting there will be well… Continue Reading →

Holy Larry Niven! Lasers could be used to communicate in space!

Scientists at an Italian observatory this year succeeded in firing lasers at the mirror-covered Ajisai Japanese satellite, proving that a sequence of photons can travel great distances through space. Quantum Key Encryption Information Security – Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Quantum Mechanics… Continue Reading →

It’s not a leak

In my closet on the ceiling, the plasterboard is soft and discolored in a small area.  Looks like a leak in the roof and there is this noise which I though was something dripping.  The noise was constant and we… Continue Reading →

John McCain is Hillary’s knight?

Politics sure make for odd reading.  John McCain’s campaign is reaching out for the angry bitter myopic accusatory how can you be so sexist supporters of Senator Clinton. “She won millions of votes. But isn’t on his ticket. Why? For… Continue Reading →

Interactive MTA map

NY Times has a cool map to see what’s at the end of a train line.

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