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Month: September 2010 (page 1 of 1)

That old painful feeling

Ever get that painful headache where you can feel the vein behind your eyeball? You know, the type of headache where you look left or right and it hurts to do that? I get those from time to time, maybe 4 times a year. Last night I got that around 3 AM so knowing what to do I took three Advil and went back to sleep.

It worked too but around 5:30 AM the pain began to creep back. I know how this story ends, so rather than do a 90 minute commute in pain I called my boss and called in sick. At some point this morning I am going to lie down with my eyes open and think “My, what pleasant color the ceiling is” while wondering how nausea got into the equation.

It’s a strange thing to get used to. When the pain subsides I feel a sense of relief. It still hurts but I can feel the decreasing pressure and that’s a small miracle.

Usually it hits me in the office. I have done presentations where I needed to sit down during the talking but have plodded on. I’ve sweated out days where pain-killer got me to the end of the day. By that time, I could get home and the pain subsides enough.

I would not call this a migraine headache because I’ve seen people get those and they are rendered helpless. I can still function just not on all cylinders as indicated by being able to type this. So I’ll eat something, relax, and look forward to taking a not-nap.

I blame Don Franklin Andrade

This is my work in progress photo of the MG MS-06J Zaku II “White Ogre” version. It’s hard to see them but did you notice the panel lines?

One of my friends on Flickr is a gentleman by the name of Franklin Andrade who also builds Gundam models as well. You can see some of his setup here, here, and especially HERE. You can view his entire Flickr set at this location.

One of his comments about my MG Gouf 2.0 was that he wanted to see some decals applied. See, that’s the sort of thing that makes me say “Why not?” and the White Ogre comes with water slide decals. But I don’t want to apply the decals unless I also mark the panel lines too.

Thus, I blame Franklin Andrade. 🙂 Thanks to his comment I am not only going to apply decals, but I am also putting on the panel lines. I’m having a great time and so far I am reminding myself that if I make any gross mistakes, I know where to purchase a replacement.

Once I get to the fully detailed stage, I’ll post photo right before I apply the decals.  It will take longer but I think the results and fun will be worth it.

Out with the Old

Here’s something I don’t do everyday.

The boxes are from Gunpla that I already assembled. I keep a closet of the models I plan on building as well as the instructions and spare parts from the models I have already put together.

Below is my current list of unassembled models.

I used HobbyLink Japan for reference, but I have purchased these from HobbyLink Japan, Hobby Search, Gundam Store and More, and ImageAnime. I don’t buy things from eBay much, these stores have good prices and always take care of their customers.

Master Grade

High grade

Perfect Grade

Non-Gundam Models

Models that my son expressed an interest in

Extra Models that I won’t build for one reason or another

To manage my Gunpla stash I plan to at least assemble the MG and HG models. The one’s I won’t build I’ll eventually sell off.

This is all about maintaining a hobby and not just hoarding model kits. These are a little more expensive than trading cards. 🙂

Completed the MG Gouf v2.0

This was a very straight forward m0del to assemble. No trouble at all and the articulation is very good. With earlier Master Grade models, there was frequently a gotcha. But with these more current versions, it’s all straight forward.

I usually do one or two back to back and the next model I have lined up is the MG Zaku II “White Ogre”. It’s also a version 2.0 Master Grade.

MG Gouf 2.0 WIP

It’s official. The MG Gouf version 2.0 is awesome.

There have been hardly any surprises and I can’t find anything that demands gluing. Tomorrow I’ll complete the back pack cables and start the arms.