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September 2009

SSL certs for free and not self signed?

I may have been under a rock lately. I saw on Reddit that Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 supported StartSSL certificates. So as a goof I signed up at and applied for a free server certificate. I generated via their… Continue Reading →

Off camera flash

I’m playing with my new camera and got to a feature that does not exist on my D60: off camera flash. It’s easy to set up the D300s to use the built in flash solely for commander mode. On my… Continue Reading →

The Nikon D300s came in

So after months of waiting, I finally got a Nikon D300s with the updated 18-200mm VR lens. I was originally planning on getting a Nikon D90 which would have been a fine upgrade from my existing D60.  But Lily intervened… Continue Reading →

Years later, people realize that I am a smart ass

Remember in Fight Club, the main character was addicted to support groups? Posting in the WordPress support forums is sort of like that.

Don’t look at the clock, just go to sleep

You know how when you can’t sleep, your eyes sometimes wander to the digital clock on the night table? At some point everyone does that. It’s no good since you are not going to sleep, you are just watching the… Continue Reading →

10 laps tonight

I went swimming with my wife again and swam 10 laps. Not as exhausted as last time but pretty tired.

Making a Tooth for the Tooth Fairy

Note from Jan Dembowski: This post is from my friend André Quitta. André sometimes shares his stories here. My son, Aaron, is six years old and just lost his first tooth. It was one of his bottom front teeth, one… Continue Reading →

Completed F.E.A.R.2:Reborn (DLC)

That WAS quick. The name of this downloadable (hint: the Reborn part?) content should tell anyone who played the original F.E.A.R. what this was about. The game play was okay and I hope that Monolith either releases more content. If… Continue Reading →

Swimming once a week

I’m exhausted, my ears are clogged up, and I smell like chlorine. I’ve signed up with Lily to go to the Half Hollow Hills West Natatorium once a week for laps. See, I’ve only been used to swimming at a… Continue Reading →

PC really does need replacing

I was playing the new F.E.A.R.2 add on when my PC froze up hard again. Looks like I’ll be getting a new one in October.

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