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March 2008

Useful WordPress 2.5 Q&A

This is a useful Q&A for common WordPress 2.5 questions.

WordPress 2.5 quirks

Image upload does not work on my Ubuntu 7.10 laptop and WordPress 2.5.  I’ll check using my Vista box. I’ll also setup a new scratch blog and see if it’s some setting or plugin I’m using. The 1.5 development version… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.5 is released

I’d gotten a surprise when I went to the support forum. To go with the new release of 2.5, has a new look. Because I have weakness of working with possibly broken software, I backed up my database,… Continue Reading →

She’s losing and behaving badly

The CNN page says it all: Pledged delegates up for grabs, Clinton says. Senator Clinton is losing and continues to behave badly.

Widgetized my theme

In preparation of installing WordPress 2.5 I finally widgetized my theme. I’m using an old 2.0 version of FastTrack. Widgets have been around for a long time so as I play with 2.5 I figured I’d come up to speed… Continue Reading →

NY Autoshow

Monday we took the kids to the NY Autoshow. The kids liked it and they came home exhausted. It was like they turned Jacob Javits into one huge car dealership. There were very few concept cars. The cars were cool… Continue Reading →

An odd Easter Sunday

Today is not exactly how I intended to enjoy Easter Sunday. I’m baby sitting my main server in my basement right now. This morning at 6 AM I noticed my server in the basement was not passing traffic since 2… Continue Reading →

Installed Vista SP1

This morning the 120 MB download for Vista Sp1 was available. The download was fast but the scary part is that the update eventually happened while my screen was totally off in power saving mode. That took more than 10… Continue Reading →

It’s the good imoogi!

Lily got the D-War DVD from the library and we just saw it. Even the kids say this movie is horrible. The dialog, story line, premise, everything was just plain awful.

This cartoon says it all

Sometime politicians make it too easy for the cartoonists. Ben Sargent’s political cartoons can be found here. Some people regard this as a referendum on prostitution and that Spitzer should not resign because of this. A friend of mine would… Continue Reading →

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