It’s the good imoogi!

Lily got the D-War DVD from the library and we just saw it. Even the kids say this movie is horrible. The dialog, story line, premise, everything was just plain awful.

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If you like it, great.

But the story was a joke, the effects were second rate for 1990, and the characters were embarrassingly one dimensional.

It ended up being ran on Sci-Fi channel joining other hit movies like “Sasquatch ate my kids homework!” and “Bikini Dinosaur Invaders III”.

To be honest i found this film boring.
Especially the two couples sarah and his bf, who were simply boring. Not much emotions on their faces, just dull expressions .. Moreover the scene in which the choppers were gunning down the flying mini dragons. i mean it was going on and on.
It thaught at that time, is this a shooting game or what lol.

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