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February 2008

Health advice from a 6 year old

I caught a bug or stomach virus this week.  This morning when I got up to wake the kids, I got taken over by nausea.  Nice post I know but bear with me for a moment. My son goes to… Continue Reading →

10,000 BC movie is missing something

I don’t know anything about this movie really, other than if I ever see it, it will be only when it hits cable. I’ve just looked over the trailer and the movie web site looks just fancy enough to not… Continue Reading →

Hillary is cooked

I was hoping that Senator Clinton would somehow be able to out-hope Senator Obama but her getting angry like this is just another coffin nail in her campaign.

openSUSE 10.3 server upgrade

I did not really mean to upgrade my home server today, it just worked out that way. Weeks ago I cleaned up my basement computer room and Alek had dropped off an old PC for my use. It is a… Continue Reading →

Vista and 4 GB of RAM

I’m running Vista 64 on my XPS 700 720 and I just upgraded from 2 GB RAM to 4 GB of 800 MHz dual channel DDR2 ram.  My system was running slowly (it’s a Microsoft Operating System). The RAM even… Continue Reading →

Now it is really official

HD-DVD is dead, long live Blu-ray. Engadget has some more comments.

WinTV PVR-350 and MCE

When installing a WinTV PVR-350 on a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 PC, don’t forget to install the Sonic CinePlayer DVD software that came with the PC.  MCE won’t display a TV image until you do.

Ubuntu 7.10 on Virtual PC 2007

Today it’s President’s Day, it’s raining, and the kids are off this week.  So naturally I am goofing around with my PC. I’ll head to the basement soon to play with the kids but first I want to setup something… Continue Reading →

Movable Type to WordPress

Over at my brother Stefan’s blog, he’s been running Movable Type for years. It bugged be because his server was slow, the theme was dated, it lacked a good archive page, etc. Mostly I did not like the look or… Continue Reading →

Et tu, Wal-mart?

From Engadget, things get worse for HD-DVD.

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