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May 2007

And how was your Memorial day weekend?

Last Friday the area around my right side burn got swollen and raw. By Saturday afternoon it spread down the right side of my neck. By Monday (Memorial Day) everyone was reminding me to see a doctor. It was all… Continue Reading →

Keeping the BlackBerry Pearl

After speaking with my friend, I’m going to buy the Pearl from him. The geek appeal is too much. I get delivery of my own email, I get Yahoo Mail, GMail, and now thanks to MidpSSH I get a working… Continue Reading →

Moved WP back to primary server

I moved WordPress back to the primary server. I took a working copy of all the files and database from the backup and restored it to the primary and poof it works. Yesterday I did get a PHP update for… Continue Reading →

Dealing with pond algae

So Lily and I are at my mother-in-law’s house with the kids. It’s hot and the kids are watching cartoons. I’m hanging out with Lily’s nephew talking about the BlackBerry Pearl when I hear yelling from downstairs. Lily is on… Continue Reading →

Adding Slimstat to WordPress

I run this web site as a hobby but I still like to have tools to check how the site is doing. Slimstat is a tool that I use because it captures things like search strings, referers, etc. It’s like… Continue Reading →

Something odd going on

The WordPress installation on my primary server has gone spa; dunno why yet. I’ve switched over to the VPS with WP-Cache running so it should perform well.  Yay for automated backups.

Blackberry Pearl

I have been thinking about getting a new cell phone/PDA for a while. When I mentioned to Lily the idea she said “get the iPhone when it comes out”. I really like the way she thinks. I mentioned this to… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.2 is out

WordPress 2.2 is out and has at least one really useful feature that I’ve already used. I backup my blog software and database on a nightly schedule. The whole works, database and files gets copied to my backup server on… Continue Reading →

Thunderbird Webmail Extension

I am a big user of freely available software. Here is a short list of what I use. Firefox – no brainer Paint.NET – Image editing WordPress – Server blog software Thunderbird – email Thunderbird 2.0 now integrates with Vista…. Continue Reading →

Pidgin Windows Spellcheck

Last Update: Oh good grief. Pidgin spell check works fine and it was an aspell issue all along. The file aspell.exe needs to be in your PATH. Install Pidgin 2.2.2 and make sure you install the language you need. That… Continue Reading →

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