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Month: January 2007

What children say

The kids were rude to my Dad in the evening. When he came down to get something later they asked him
Kids: “Grampa are you feeling happy? Are you happy now?”
Grampa: “Why do you ask?”
Kids: “…

WordPress visual editor

Looks like I’m not the only one with the problem loading the visual editor . The fix (I’m using the built in editor right now) works and per the article is located here .
Click on the “Original For…

Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

So far so good. On the upgrade from 2.0.7 the TinyMCE visual editor does not work while on my test blog it does work. I don’t use the visual editor so no big deal for me.
After installing and tryin…

Very Bad Upgrade

Sunday I went to Stefan’s to upgrade my main server. It was running Fedora Core 1 and was well past an upgrade.
I wanted to get away from Fedora because it was not supported in a way that I liked….

PS3 and no Wii yet

Around New Years day, me and the family went out to hunt down the mythical Wii. Our expedition had seen first hand that the Wii was real and with the right game be hysterical.
Alek bought a Wii in…