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Year: 2006

WordPress Backup

I run this blog on a VPS from Tektonics. It’s usually more available to the Internet than the server in the basement.
But it’s not my server and backups are important. I had been using Podz’s scrip…

MG F91 and wasted paint

Here is the fully assembled MG F91.

The model breaks up into pieces very nicely and should be straight forward to paint.
I definitely want to paint it but lately I am having problems with pai…

Christmas decorations are up

It’s that time of year again!

The kids love the Christmas decorations. Just like last year, my parents put up the lights in the windows and on the outside. The decorations are up right now and t…

Progress on the F91

Here is the latest picture of the MG Gundam F91:

The F91 is on the right. I put it next to a 1/100 MG RX-178 Mk-II Gundam v2.0 and a 1/144 HG Bawoo for size purposes. The F91 is a little taller…

First problem with the F91

So I completed the arms and shoulder covers for the F91. I was working on the right leg when I made a mistake.
The scanned image from the instructions came from the Hobby Search website . See the p…

Started MG Gundam F91

Today I started on the MG Gundam F91. This one is different; it’s 1/100 scale but the size of the model is tiny . Also the model has no polycaps do deal with.

According to the story line , the F…

Vacation is over

Today I went back to work after a week of vacation. It was a bit sureal; during my time off I was not tempted to check e-mail once. A whole week with the family, chasing the kids, assemblying models a…

Just Cause PC Game

I am on vacation this week and besides

Chasing the kids
Building from my pile of Gunpla
Blog entries
I also play PC based video games. I just picked up Just Cause and starte…

That sound

So I am talking to my soon to be 5 year old son about my latest model. It’s the MG Aile Strike Gundam.
“Be very careful that you don’t press too hard or a piece will break.” I should know; right af…