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November 2007

Were they good questions?

I frequent some political blogs just to see what people are reacting to. I don’t think it really matters what the current administration does or what the Democrats do simply because both sides are incapable of a genuine compromise. The… Continue Reading →

Worse disguise ever

Either this is a gag or let’s hear it for really stupid people.

Back to Max Payne 2

I saw a commercial for Kane and Lynch: Dead Men and I had to get out my copy of “Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne” and install it. This game came out in 2003 and I still like… Continue Reading →

Your cash or the burglar gets it!

Wow, so dangerous he shoots himself. This guy might want to consider a second career.

The kids like Pucca

The kids like the show Pucca; it’s really funny in a less than 6 year old sorta way… It’s good addictive fun. The other show they like is Power Rangers.

Got Joost 1.0.2 to work with Vista 64

I’m home sick today so I have time to goof off.  I got Joost 1.0.2 working on Vista 64, it was the simplest thing of all.  In the shortcut properties disable Windows XP SP2 compatibility.  That’s it. I’m watching Numbers… Continue Reading →

How rude is Hugo Chavez anyway?

Amazing.  This is the King of Spain.  For him to publicly admonish someone like that, Hugo Chavez must have been off the rails.

Funny Adsense placement

I sometimes check the blog against Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer to make sure that something I did to the theme works in browsers other than Firefox. Here’s what I saw when I loaded my home page in Safari. Google… Continue Reading →

Mineola train crash and the wrong restaurant

Wow. This image is from Newsday’s web site. Lily and I usually try to catch the 5:53 PM to Ronkonkoma out of Penn Station. Thursday night all the passengers were told that there was a fatal car accident at Mineola…. Continue Reading →

Okay I think I got ATPP working

I think I’ve gotten the machine translation working to a point of good stability. Meaning my MySQL config is not killing the box with requests, caching seems to be working fine. Right now I have 65 translated pages in my… Continue Reading →

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