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Month: July 2006

I don’t blog about work

Or what I do for a living. But follow this link anyway:
I don’t know anyone who tries to write there own crypto code (…

Dell is not the company they used to be (Updated)

After pushing my old PC up hill long enough I ordered a new kick ass Dell XPS 700 with a 24 inch wide LCD panel. I’m getting the black one.
I had received an e-mail about how to check the status on…

Exercise what?

254 calories, 40.1 carbs, 31 minutes, and 1.5 miles.
What does that mean…? I have never been one to exercise. All my exercise in the past was my 15 minute walk to the office from the train statio…

Driveways and treadmills

Yesterday afternoon my family lost our cable access. One of my neighbors is having their driveway re-paved and the contractor did not get the Cablevision guys to mark out where not to cut. It was an a…

Small cars and children car seats

Yesterday after work Lily and I took the kids to see a MINI and BMW dealer. The idea is that we get one car for daily driving and an SUV for family trips, grocery shopping etc.
Right now I drive a…

4th of July

Around 4pm today it looked like it might rain so we moved the BBQ into the garage. It did rain but not for that long so we moved the BBQ outside.
With all the food cooking I was afraid we’d set…

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