This Server

This server is a fun exercise. On this I am running the following software

  • Linux
  • Apache 2 Web server
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress

There is a lot more than that of course and I am constantly playing around with the software.

The banner on my default theme was taken from some of my Flickr photos.

WordPress Plugins


2 Replies to “This Server”

  1. Want to know if there is an existing setting for displaying the archive page with the ryu theme as you’ve done or would I have to create a new template for archive pages manually in a child theme?

    1. I moved your comment to the This Server page as that’s really a better place for it.

      Creating and using a archive template is a better technical solution but not a very portable one. What I did was use a plugin and simply inserted that plugin into the page content.

      That way when I switch WordPress themes as long as I have that plugin active then I maintain the same formatted archives.

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