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Month: April 2012 (page 1 of 1)

No, they are not miniature grenades

Think I’ll have a problem at the airport?

I like film photography and use up a lot of film. I also needed a new key chain as my old one was made out of leather and was falling apart.

Light bulb! I take my film to the local Costco and Lily is on friendly terms with the people behind the counter. So I asked them if they could spare the old used 135 film cartridges.

Boy, could they. I got about a dozen and picked out some different color ones. I got some 1″ key rings from Home Depot, Dad has a drill press in his work room and in a few minutes I had new key chains.

I remain fashioned challenged

It’s probably not going to shock anyone, but I really do not understand the ways and hows of women’s clothing. But I do like to use any excuse to take pictures.

Lily always goes with us to the Easter Sunday mass and afterwards we head to breakfast.

Before we headed out she was wearing a nice outfit but it looked like she was heading to a dinner. I mentioned that it looks too fancy for church (I did say I’m fashioned challenged, right?) and she added one piece of clothing.

She was transformed by just adding that one thing. Literally, she changed the whole tone of the outfit and went from evening attire to Sunday church.

Of course, I wore jeans and sneakers, but I’m not even a little bit fashion conscious. But I did insist on posting about it and here we are. My amazement remains intact.