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I bricked my WRT54G

Right after I put a post up about how dd-wrt rocks, I bricked my WRT54G v5 by playing around with the nvram settings. “It’s dead, it’s a late WRT54g, it’s passed on.” Sigh. Right now I have my buggy WET54GS5 back and running on the second floor. I’ll either shell […]

Back from a 5 day vacation this week

Every year Lily’s company nominates about 100 employees or so and sends them to a company paid vacation/off site meeting. These nominations are to reward them for outstanding achievements. The employees get to bring their significant others and this year Lily was selected to go. This is the second time […]

dd-wrt rocks

If you have a supported wireless AP or gateway and want to have fun extending it without getting too deep into building software, give dd-wrt a try. I have a collection of Linksys wireless junk, enough that I should consider becoming a stock holder. When we moved into this house […]

Harmony 720 and Vista

Costco has the Logitech Harmony 720 on sale and I picked one up Saturday. Don’t bother looking for it on Logitech’s web site, it apparently does not exist there. It’s a programmable IR universal remote with a color LCD display and is programmed via a USB cable to your PC. […]

Gears of War

I’m slow on getting the latest games. A few weeks ago my pal told me he got Gears of War for his Xbox 360 and loved it. He and his son completed it on coop play. He described it as having fantastic graphics and great game play. The fact that […]

Geraldo Rivera does good

I stopped paying attention to Geraldo Rivera years ago because he, well, became a big TV joke. Check out his Wikipedia entry. Aside from being a news journalist he also was a lawyer and did a lot in his career. The other day he was on the Bill O’Reilly show […]