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July 2010

Not sure what’s going on here

The tune is catchy at least. I’ve never heard of this band but flamethrower versus fire extinguisher looks like real Mythbuster material.

Some imaginary files are alright

This is probably a case of my not reading the manual. I use W3 Total Cache not because I get a ton of hits. I run it because it’s cool and interesting. With the current 0.9.1 version it suggests that… Continue Reading →

Why would the Chinese do that?

Reading the NY Times Editorial this morning made me shake my head. China, which has abetted its neighbor’s excesses for too long, needs to ensure that the North’s bluster is only bluster. And it needs to tone down its own…. Continue Reading →

Use WordPress child themes

Before WordPress 3.0 the default Kubrick theme was called, um, “Default”. In the support forums people would update to the latest and greatest WordPress version and become shocked when their edits to the Default theme were lost. It’s part of… Continue Reading →

Crysis 2 is on it’s way

Today is a video game posting day. Just as I did with Far Cry, Crysis, and F.E.A.R. I will be getting this game as soon as it’s available.

SNIPER: Ghost Warrior

I now have a game to replace the sniper FPS that I play the most. The FPS Sniper Elite is one of my favorite all time PC video games. As a World War II American OSS sniper, you crawl around… Continue Reading →

Cue the vacation music

Lily and I started our vacation Friday night by eating at the Bhatti Indian Grill and enjoying really good spicy food. It was also our wedding anniversary and unlike last year neither of us forgot it. 16 years plus 5… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Improv

I love these guys. George Lucas should be proud.

No iPhone 4 for me yet?

Not really news, but nice to see that Consumer Reports can send people the straight scoop. This seems to put to rest the myth of this being a software glitch. I still plan on getting one. I was going to… Continue Reading →

Weird how all these years and no Tea Party

But when Barack Obama get’s elected it’s “Save Us From Big Government!” Almost like there is another agenda or something.

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