Lily and I started our vacation Friday night by eating at the Bhatti Indian Grill and enjoying really good spicy food. It was also our wedding anniversary and unlike last year neither of us forgot it. 16 years plus 5 years dating! She’s perfect.

We have very different vacation styles.  She likes to fill up each day with activity to maximize the time we have. You know, go places, do things, etc. I used to joke that vacations with her was like a military campaign and sometimes it was. I always had a great time with her but the pace was a little intimidating.

There is nothing wrong with that kind of planning. But I get deadlines and furious activity on a daily basis at work. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WORK DIG! But when you work in a certain industry you deal with fire drills all the time. It comes with the job and I’m fine with that.

How do I prefer my vacations? I like to just take it easy and relax. Go places (or not), run around (or not), and accomplish thing you set out to do (or not). My goal for this week is to relax with Lily and the kids.

I would like to accomplish the following things.

  1. Spend quality time with the wife and kids. Quality time? Can’t believe I’m using that phrase, but what that means is “Don’t sweat the small things”. You know, take it easy with family.
  2. Start and maybe complete another Bandai MG model. I’ve got the MG Gouf v2 all lined up (Lily won’t let me order more unless I make my unassembled model stash smaller!)
  3. Take more pictures. I like my amateur photo hobby and really am jonesing for a 24-70mm  f/2.8 Nikon lens.
  4. Do something with my WordPress theme! The latest not-really-a-GPL-argument-just-copyright-infringement has gotten me to examine how my blog looks. If only I had the time to learn CSS, that’s what really sets one site apart from another.

The last item on my list is to have fun and relax. The list is incidental as long as I have a good time. Mostly I’ll just cheerfully go with what the family does.

By the way, my vacation theme music? It would have to be this song.