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Opensuse and apache vhosts

This happens often. I do something on my servers and six months later I try to rebuild from scratch what I did and wish I wrote it down. This is one of those blog posts. I reviewed my Apache error logs and noticed that WordPress was tossing fatal PHP errors. […]

Blog re-theming

I’ve been using a modified version of the FastTrack theme by Sadish for a couple of years now. It’s a good theme but it’s designed for a 800×600 resolution screen. Most of the visitors to this website use 1024×768 and on my screen it looked narrow. I felt like I […]

Wesley Snipes gets 3 years

Looks like Wesley Snipes is going to jail. Honestly, he should have known better and the civil proceedings have yet to be decided. Wonder how much of an example he’ll be made of in a civil trial? His two co-defendants didn’t do so well either. One was sentenced to 10 […]

Maybe it’s a mocumentary?

The movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is not getting good reviews. Apparently it’s your basic hatchet job on science. See this review from the New York Times. With out exception, all the reviews I’ve seen (maybe I’m not reading the “right” web pages) condemn the movie. Is it possible that […]

More fun ad placements

CNN has this article about an illegal immigrant who married someone who’s legally in the U.S. but had to go back to Mexico. This seperated the husband from his wife; it’s a sad story and shows some of the real problems that illegal immigrants face. But what struck me as […]

All is good with WordPress 2.5

So far so good. Once I stopped using version 2.3.3 and switched to 2.5 I got the hang of the new admin interface. The old Admin-SSL plugin stopped working because the cookie code was from the old wp-includes/pluggable.php. The cookies are different so the old plugin failed. There is a […]