Browsing the web like it’s 2002

I’ve re-acquainted myself with StumbleUpon and finding out it’s a much better time waster than Reddit. It’s like Reddit without the witty comments. I pressed the Stumble! button and went to the Stellarium web site. Stellarium was a fantastic find. I installed it and was explaining to my kids that this is how the start […]

Humor Politics

Strangely enough, I don’t watch enough TV

I have been busy at work these past two weeks and I normally don’t watch much TV. But this episode of The Daily Show from March 18th makes me wish I’d at least DVR’ed this show. Jon Stewart is not really a political hack and he does make fun of everyone. That’s his job and […]


Nikon 50mm f/1.4G

After using my brother’s Nikon 50mm f/1.8D lens for a few weeks, I broke down and picked up a new AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens. From all the reviews I’ve read, it’s an improvement over the older f/1.4D version being more sharper while still having a good DOF. Here are some samples of what I […]


Politically, this is a really fun week

David Frum demonstrates that he gets it. Political cartoonists get it (Danziger’s was too good to not show). GOP? Nope. Senator McCain? Nope. Democrats probably do get it but it’s a long way to November and there is plenty of time to let the bully on the block take their lunch money. The GOP had […]

Geek Politics

Even their web server went into a coma

Just for giggles I tried to go to the GOP web page to see what kind of response the opposition has to the health care reform.To be honest I was hoping for some rational arguments about why this health care reform is bad. I wasn’t counting on much, but I hoped it would be something […]


Looks like the Democrats actually DO have the votes

Health care in this country is currently broken. Too many times hard working people need to decide to go poor or stay healthy. That does not mean that people should get a free ride, but there has to be a way to equalize the health care that I get with the health care that an […]


“I hope they don’t bring back segregation”

The things kids say. On the radio this morning me and the kids heard about that public announcement someone aired in a Walmart. Some jerk used the PA system to make a racist comment. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP/ 1010 WINS) — An announcement at a Walmart store in New Jersey ordering black people to leave […]

Cool Family

Model train show

Today was a miserable day weather-wise but had one good thing going for it. The next town over had a model train show and the highlight was a N gauge train layout. It was a fun display and I took almost 300 photos. I shared 40 of them over here on Flickr. I also learned […]

Just Stupid Politics

I know it’s Karl Rove, but geez

Some people will never get it and this debate will never go away. George W Bush’s former top adviser has said he is “proud” of the use of harsh interrogation techniques – including waterboarding – during the War on Terror. via Bush aide Karl Rove insists ‘waterboarding is not torture’ – Times Online. Why stop […]

Geek Software

Now using Hybrid and a child theme

I’ve been interested in switching to a theme framework and after looking at both Hybrid and Thematic, I’ve begun plugging into Hybrid with the child theme WP Full Site. It’s a fun little exercise and Hybrid has lots of places to make changes just using a child theme. The WP Full Site function.php file has […]