I’ve been interested in switching to a theme framework and after looking at both Hybrid and Thematic, I’ve begun plugging into Hybrid with the child theme WP Full Site.

It’s a fun little exercise and Hybrid has lots of places to make changes just using a child theme. The WP Full Site function.php file has already gotten some additions by me and I’ve switched from using the_content() to using it for just the first two posts. The rest uses the_excerpt(); I couldn’t work out how to use the Query Posts widget so I broke down and copied hybrid/home.php to wp-full-site/home.php. The file in the child theme directory gets precedence over the parent template version.

This is hands down the wrong way to go about this and defeats much of the point of using a child theme. But until I work out the widget logic, this will have to do. And besides I get to brush up on my PHP skills some more.

Update: Nuts, while playing with my install I lost this post. This is actually copied from my RSS feed on Google Reader.  Backup, backup, backup…