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August 2009

Relief from Robo-Calls?

I wonder if this will make any difference? Politicians and services that claim to be exempt will still robo-call people on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Gundam compilation

Saw this on Ngee Khiong. The kids will like seeing it. Ngee Khiong always has good coverage on most things Gundam related and I’m constantly looking there to see what’s new. Edit: Sunrise took it down. Bummer.

Began assembling the MG Gundam Exia

Lately I have been catching up on my Gunpla stash pretty well. Here’s the start I got on the MG Gundam Exia. The picture above shows I needs to straighten out the decals.  As with all of the current Gunpla,… Continue Reading →

And now the Blue F91 is fully assembled

This one was rated “Okay”.  The stiffness in some of the joints is a huge problem. On the original (and virtually identical) MG F91, I did not have that worry. Now I am moving on to the MG Gundam Exia… Continue Reading →

Blue F91 MG WIP

I had some down time today, so I continued to work on the Harrison Madyn blue F91. All that’s left now is the weapons.  I’ll pose the assembled model next to the Crossbone Gundam as well as the original F91…. Continue Reading →

Transcoding for the iPhone

This is definitely one of those “you’d better write this down” posts. Being a longtime LINUX monkey, I am used to manipulating files via the command line. The GUI is a fad and if you want to get something done… Continue Reading →

Washington DC trip

Going to Washington DC this year was quite an experience. Here’s what I learned. 1. The Acela is more expensive and only saves about 30 minutes. But it’s worth it, the Acela is roomier and more comfortable. We took the… Continue Reading →

Good Nikon D5000 review

Over at Planet Neil is a good real life review of the Nikon D5000 w/50mm AF-S lens. The high ISO shots tell it all.

Acela to DC mini vacation

My son is a huge train fan so we are going to take the Acela from Penn Station to Washington DC.  The plan is to get to DC and spend lots of time in the Smithsonian. He’s more excited about… Continue Reading →

Flickr Exif Info Greasemonkey script

I’m not a huge Greasemonkey script user, but the one’s I do use are all for Flickr. I just found this Flickr Exif Info for Greasemonkey script which places the info I’m looking for on the photo page. Very cool.

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