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August 2009

Light up the MG Exia’s head

I can’t read the Japanese text, but this method for lighting up the MG Exia’s head is very cool. See the YouTube video for the finished work.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 out

“Images with ICC profiles now render properly on all monitors.” via Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 Release Notes. I just upgraded and color management is working for me now.

More in progress F91 photos

The arms and shoulder are completed. Next up come the legs.

The Blue F91 MG

I’m continuing to go through my backlog of master grade Gundam models and I am now working on the Harrison Madyn blue F91. When I built the other MG F91, I left off all the decals. This time I plan… Continue Reading →

Today is a time wasting day alright

While going through reddit (serious time wasting) I ran into this cool video on Vimeo. That’s a lot of walking and one way to grow a beard.

Health care at it’s worst

The whole debate over health care makes me shake my head. Horror stories are told on both sides but this one has to strike a cord in anyone reading it. In a statement issued yesterday after it had approved the… Continue Reading →

Too many unbuilt models?

Saw this on Ngee Khiong: It’s a scary diorama that anyone who collects and builds Gunpla can relate to. Not that I’m like that, no, no way…

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