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April 2011

Olympus Trip 35 manual on Scribd

While perusing blog posts about the camera, I came across a really good scan of the Olympus Trip 35 manual on Scribd. I got my manual from Trip Man for “why not?” but the online version is very handy. Click… Continue Reading →

Guess which new game I got?

There should be a Cave Johnson fan club. And no, not the 19th century congressman. The game is worth it, go and install it now, if only for the Life gives you Lemons speech.

Oompa Loompa for President?

I’m finding it really amazing that this extremely talented con-artist talks about running for the office of the POTUS and the press just eat it up. What next, Howard Stern for office? And don’t think I’m being negative by referring… Continue Reading →

More Film Photography

My playing with film cameras continues! But it’s not out of hand yet. I now have the following film camera equipment: Three Olympus Trip 35 (1 from TripMan) Olympus PS-200 flash Canon Canonet GIII QL17 coupled rangefinder Canon Canolite D… Continue Reading →

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