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January 2009

Chinese New Year Parade

Since last week we were planning on taking the kids to the Flushing Chinese New Year’s parade today. This morning we got to the parking lot on Union Street before 9 AM and we were the first into the restaurant…. Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Hamsters

My daughter’s Kindergarten class has a pet hamster named Bear.  Every Friday, one of the kids in her class gets to take Bear home for the weekend and get to feed and play with her. Yesterday was my girl’s turn. … Continue Reading →

Arg! MINI Cooper problems

Back in September I had the MINI Cooper S serviced by the dealer.  There were two problems with it: The window wipers would seize up in the middle of the screen and stop working. There was a sympathetic rattle in… Continue Reading →

“If they were following orders”?!

It’s torture. Any sane person knows that, anyone with any decency won’t make an excuse.  So why do Senate Republicans think “just following orders” is legitimate? That has not worked in the past.

Wow, The Onion got it right in 2001

This has been kicking around on Reddit for months. One day before the inauguration, it’s not really funny anymore.

Speaker Pelosi is such a politican

Except for continuing to be re-elected, Congresswoman Pelosi is a failure. But speaking on Fox News Sunday, Pelosi said she wants Congress to consider repealing tax cuts on those who make over $250,000 immediately and is pushing for a congressional… Continue Reading →

It’s like they were angry or something

Saw this a couple of days ago. Since 2002, 61 former detainees have committed or are suspected to have committed attacks after being released from the detention camp, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said at a briefing Tuesday. via Pentagon: Ex-Gitmo… Continue Reading →

Looks like I’ll need to try iTunes again

I don’t like DRM. It’s not an effective control since you can almost always convert the protected media into an unprotected version.It treats paying customers like trash and is meant to keep the fish swimming in neat little lines. That’s… Continue Reading →

High score on Bejeweled 2

I just got a 152,152 point high score on Bejeweled 2 classic mode on my iPhone. There’s something disturbing about my playing a game on my phone that long…

Lillo Brancato gets 10 years

I listen to the radio more than I watch TV and I just heard the news. Brancato, who dodged the murder conviction given to his accomplice, Steven Armento, was sentenced by Bronx State Supreme Court Judge Martin Marcus to 10… Continue Reading →

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