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November 2011

Time for a new WordPress theme

The last time I switched this site to another theme was March 2010, before that April 2008. This time I’ve switched to a commercial them called Elemin. This is a first for me as I’ve never purchased a theme before…. Continue Reading →

(Was) Microsoft Touch Mouse

For years I’ve been using the Logitech MX Revolution mouse and it’s gotten long in the tooth. The pointer would stutter, the mouse buttons wouldn’t click, the click would release at the worst time, etc. I could read the signs… Continue Reading →

Now validated with StartSSL

So while I was putzing around with my SSL sites and getting some grief with mod_gnutls, I realized that my life really would be much easier with a valid wildcard SSL cert. So naturally I went to StartSSL and went… Continue Reading →

Getting carried away

Why all the righteousness over the lack of democracy in Egypt 9 months after revolution, when the US is struggling with it 224 years later? — Cynthia Boaz (@cynthiaboaz) November 24, 2011 This sort of statement is inflammatory and is… Continue Reading →

Another Olympus Trip 35 for me

Back in March 2011 I started taking photos with my newly acquired Olympus Trip 35 cameras. Since then I’ve taken hundreds of photos with them and even went to China with them. In China I gave one of them to… Continue Reading →

With the lemons!

ThinkGeek has something really good coming in December. Seriously, I’m thinking of getting this for the holiday season!

Google is my co-pilot

Google’s car navigation for Android phones is pretty good. The majority of my work is 9 to 5 weekdays but when I need to make (fully approved, vetted, it’s-not-my-fault-and-I-won’t-do-it-again) production changes I have to wait for after 5 PM. Depending… Continue Reading →

Tabs and spaces

Self? Remember this: You’ll need it later. At work I use bash, sed, [e]grep, cut, tr, and occasionally awk if I can’t get out what I need from the others. These aren’t used as scripts per se, just some tools… Continue Reading →

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