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Month: August 2006

Dirty window

We came back from Washington DC Sunday. It was an 8 hour painful, excruciating, non – stop lousy traffic, family trip up I-95. That’s not bad since Friday it took 10 hours to drive down there. Most of…

More speed test fun

Just saw this on . It’s a slick method for checking your speed to various servers.
My cable speed clocks at

I get less going to Washington DC or San Francis…

VPS Servers

My domain is managed by me on my own name servers. When I moved to Long Island I lost my static IP addresses from my DSL line. So I moved both my DNS servers to Stefan’s house via his DSL line.

Dell took care of my order

Good things do happen sometimes. Dell really did the right thing.
Last night at 7 pm the Dell rep left a voice mail on my work number. I called back this morning, some phone tag and spoke with the…

Dell XPS 700 still no useful ETA

This morning checked my Dell XPS 700 status page. Originally it was supposed to ship last Tuesday July 25th but on that day it got bumped to today August 1st.
This morning I checked and the status…