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Completed the MG Zaku II MS-06J “White Ogre”

I’m beginning to believe that the regular decals that come with the MG Zaku II’s are just advertising for the water slide version. The decals are okay, but they are tiny. Next up: I’m going to detail and apply water slide decals to my MG Gouf v2.0.

Anime Cool

Slowly but surely, the White Ogre is a WIP

And now back to our regular scheduled feature. I’ve been busy and have not had much time to spend on this Master Grade Zaku II. Yesterday and today I finished assembling the legs. Now I’m cleaning up the detailing so I can apply the decals.

Just Stupid News Politics

Have you ever caught anyone or anything?

Next time you go to an airport, see if they ask you to step behind a screen to disrobe. Bending down and touching your toes while naked may be optional. Also the goon examining you? Don’t worry, he promises to not keep that photo he just took with his cell phone of you. You can […]


I’ll miss Rahm this election season

I don’t watch much SNL but the Rahm impression is really good. Maybe the Democrats can get SNL to run a get out the vote campaign? You know, to counter the GOP don’t vote initiative?


Conan O’Brien has a car to drive

Conan O’Brien. A car with explosives. And un-popped popcorn. That is all.


White Ogre WIP

I’ve assembled and detailed up to the right leg. This is the second MG Zaku II I’ve built and I’m enjoying this one. Once the assembly is complete, I’ll clean up the detailing and apply the decals.

Family Humor

“Really pushes my buttons”

I’m driving my 8-year-old son to the train station to pick up his mother after work at the train station. He’s telling me about a kid that bothered him in school last year. Him: Dad, he made me very upset. He really pushes my buttons. Me: Well, try not to get worked up. If you […]

Cool News

Balloons in space! Again!

This sort of home made space exploration will never get old and will always be exciting. Luke Geissbühler gave his son the best school science project! The hand warmers are a smart touch. Personally I think the HALO guys have a more comprehensive site about their launch, but this video is very cool too.

Humor Politics

To celebrate Rahm Emanuel’s departure

Keep in mind that I like Rahm Emanuel and wish him all the best in the future. Thank you Hulu for hosting this.

Geek Software

It’s the goofy user avatars that threw me off

My participation in the WordPress support forums was never overly ambitious. I would generally aim for questions that I could either respond to quickly or I had the time for. But for the last few months I have been refraining from picking up threads. Mostly because the questions fall under these categories: Something broke please […]