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February 2009

New life for old games

Quake Live beta is a nice idea. It’s the old Quake III Arena family of games but via a web browser.  This version rates you and attempts to pair you up with people with similar skill levels. It’s also popular:… Continue Reading →

Don’t walk around in the dark at home

I’m playing more FEAR2. It’s a creepy, but really fun game.  After playing it for a while, walking around the house in the dark is freaking me out. My character just escaped from the not-hospital and the streets are filled… Continue Reading →

Double-Opt in for Subscribe to Comments plugin

A few weeks ago, my hosting service received a complaint that my blog was sending spam. I don’t spam, so I checked out what was going on. I had been using Mark’s Subscribe to Comments plugin which has one flaw:… Continue Reading →

Senator Roland W. Burris: It just keeps getting better

This guy needs to resign. Not because he’s corrupt but because he is a really bad liar. First it was he did not get asked to raise money. Then it was he was asked to raise money. But not by… Continue Reading →

FEAR2 and STEAM are the best

Look Ma, no DVD! I just activated FEAR2 on Valve’s STEAM and I’m downloading and installing off of the Internet right now.  That’s very cool.

Games for Windows?

The moniker “Games for Windows” always makes me laugh.  When I first started playing FPS like Castle Wolfenstien and the original DOOM series it was on a 386SX PC my brother had. Windows was not even on that PC and… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.7.1 is out

WordPress 2.7.1 is available. See changed files here. Updating WordPress is as easy as svn sw

You can do that in PowerPoint?

Best lecture tool for 2009.

Moving some users to Google Apps for mail

I host the domain and also handle the mail delivery.  The mail ultimately ends up in Stefan’s house via his DSL line. That DSL line has been prone to problems so I played with the idea of moving the… Continue Reading →

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