All comments left here on this site go to a moderation queue for approval before being displayed for others to read.

  1. Comments need a valid email address. I will never share anyone’s email to anyone except maybe to other forum moderators. Or law enforcement. More on this below.
  2. No short links in either the comment or the person’s URL. I can’t abide that because you just don’t know what stops are made on the way to the final URL. I don’t track people or clicks and I expect the same from others.
  3. Comments may be modified for readability or formatting. This blog is over 10 years old and has over 1,000 approved comments. I’ve only done that 3 times.
  4. Comments may be deleted here. Obviously. If someone wants to disagree with a post reasonably, that’s fine. Flat out arguments or name calling just go to the trash bin.
  5. Keep it civil. Ask yourself if you’d say that to someone’s face. Then lose the bravado and ask yourself again.
  6. I may disregard all of the above. It’s my site after all.

The reason I’m posting a comment policy is simple. Occasionally someone comes to this site and continues an argument from somewhere else. Sometimes from the WordPress Support Forums where I volunteer some of my free time to moderate.

That’s Harassment

It’s not fine. I don’t care if the person following me here thinks in their mind that they’re doing something that is acceptable. It’s not. When that happens it usually takes me all of 3 minutes to find who it is.

Keep your argument where it already is. Don’t bring it here.

When it’s a forum member they get blocked on the WordPress.ORG site. Other moderators are notified.

When it’s someone who threatens me, the family, leaves a racist comment, sometimes about miscegenation (look it up) then the following happens almost immediately.

  1. I make an off site copy of my web logs.
  2. The entire chain of events is written up.
  3. Any geographical information I have about the person is documented as well as their identity is also preserved. There is very little real anonymity on the Internet.

I’ve never had to file a report, but of course I know how and where to do it. I do know people who have.

Be Nice to Others

That’s not a big ask. Follow the golden rule and let’s engage each other and everyone will get along.