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November 2009

Oh cool, my account was listed

Jane Wells wrote a nice thank you to the WordPress support volunteers. I’m listed among the “Generally active volunteers“. Coool.  Intimidating that Whooami has been involved in (a little arithmetic here…) 10,417 threads!

My next video game will be…

A few of my friends are suggesting I get MW2 since I am wrapping up my second play through of Borderlands. Borderlands is a wacky video game that I like even more that Far Cry 2 (the fact that Far… Continue Reading →

These people need to get arrested

Honestly, some people do need to be made into an object lesson. The couple’s lawyer, Paul W. Gardner of Baltimore, asserts that the Salahis had been “cleared, by the White House,” to be at the event, and so were not… Continue Reading →

I hit level 50 in Borderlands

I hit level 50 on my Hunter character in Borderlands so after the 2nd playthrough is completed I might buy MW2.

Some HD YouTube is worth it

This has been making the rounds but worth repeating here. Seeing this in HD is amazing. It gets really fun around 2:53.

Playing with WordPress 2.9 beta

I svn’ed the latest 2.9 beta on my blog, so far so good. It’s visually the same as 2.8 so I think user acceptance will be good.

Ice cream anyone?

At work I had offered months ago to walk over to Carvel on 2nd Avenue between 24th and 23rd streets.  This was in return for the help I had gotten from the NOC.  It was turning into an on going… Continue Reading →

Borderland 2nd Pass through

I completed the game Borderlands and I’ve started the second pass through the game.  It’s the same as the first time but all of your opponents are juiced up to your level or above. It’s hard for a game publisher… Continue Reading →

Get your red hot WordPress 2.8.6

WordPress 2.8.6 is out and it’s a security release so update now. I’m expecting the usual complaints on the support forum but so far it’s been pretty sedate. I’ve been using WordPress since version 1.5.2 and I’ve never had a… Continue Reading →

DPReview’s Canon 7D review

I purchased my Nikon D300s for a simple reason: I was sold on the D300 and I’m a stickler for getting the current model. I’ve been very satisfied with it. Now Canon has come out with the 7D which lines… Continue Reading →

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