Jon Stewart IS Glenn Beck

Heh, the 11/3 project. I don’t watch Glenn Beck. But from what I have seen from his interviews and clips, I can’t believe people are still watching the new Morton Downey Junior.

News Politics

Reading an old conservative blog

In my ongoing quest to find a moderate (read: reasonable and not over the top) conservative blog, Little Green Footballs is surprising me. Good reading.

Just Stupid News Politics

The most important election was decided last night

This morning I heard the results of an election I was following: NY-23 went to Bill Owens. Just to be clear, NY-23 is a district that is on the Canadian border and except for it being a special election it was no big deal. What made it a big deal is that when a moderate […]


IT Band-aid solutions

This is what happens when you want to save money. You work around problems. See that power strip above my PC? It’s super velcro’ed to my desk. My PC has been acting up for a while this year. After a few hours of usage, it gets to a point that if I need to restart […]

Geek Software

Downloading Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix

I’m downloading Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix right now for installing on my Acer Aspire One. Normally I would BitTorrent it but with FIOS it’s coming down directly at +2.1 MB/sec.