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October 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 is released

Ubuntu 9.10 is out, get it at I’m planning on checking out UNR this weekend.

Vonage all setup now

That was easy. I ordered Vonage yesterday and my V-Portal arrived today. All I did was plug the Internet port  into my FIOS router and my wireless phone into the phone jack. Once it acquired an IP address, it downloaded… Continue Reading →

I’m getting Vonage

Before I converted to FIOS, my Optimum Triple Play came with a phone line via the  cable modem. I had the regular house line with Verizon and a home office line with Cablevision. I used that line strictly for work…. Continue Reading →

FIOS channel guide not updating?

I examined the logs for my visitors and noticed a couple of hits for the search “FIOS channel guide not updating”. When my FIOS was installed last week, I had that exact problem and here is what I found out…. Continue Reading →

Atari Video game catalog

Wow. While doing my early morning browsing I came across retroCrush. I think me and my brothers took that catalog to the electronics store in the RKO Keith’s theater in Flushing.  The store was part of the building and next… Continue Reading →

FIOS is not 100% working

A Verizon tech came out yesterday morning and replaced a splitter on my cables.  Poof! The TV guide is now working. I’ve had it for less than a day but the wiz bang factor is making the service look great.

It was a hoax afterall

Publicity stunt, huh? I think the Balloon Boy’s Dad will be lucky if he can get elected dog catcher now. Likely will face a fine and be banned from any TV.

What you get with FIOS

My Internet and TV viewing works well but for some reason the guide data is not being loaded onto the set top boxes. While I am waiting for the (hopefully) Monday morning fix to my TV guide data, here is… Continue Reading →

FIOS is a work in progress

The phone is flawless and the Internet connection is amazing.  See the SPEEDTEST.NET results to the right. I just have a small problem with my digital TV service.  At the moment I have no picture at all.  Earlier I had… Continue Reading →

I want to believe (in FIOS that is)

Since Verizon messed up my order yesterday, they informed me that my order was set for 8 AM – 12 noon today.  That sucked but it was better than waiting till next week. And I have to dial into work… Continue Reading →

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