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OK then, I can use Google+ now

That was quick. I’m now able to turn on Google+ on my Google App domain. If your Google Apps then try logging into your “Manage this domain” link, select “Organization & Users”, then Services. If the option is available you will be able to scroll down, find it, and turn […]

SNI on CentOS 5.6[7] with mod_gnutls

Edit: Geez. Since I set up this post, I noticed that the compaq8000.conf example was missing small bits like oh, the mod_gnutls parts. This update now contains the missing portion. I’d read Ipstenu’s blog post “Request: Multiple Domains, One IP SSL Certificates” and thought that that shouldn’t be too hard. […]

See? Life does imitate art

I’m playing with the basement wireless AP when I saw this popup on Twitter.!/gothamist/status/123033078770835457 Which of course made me think about Support Your Local Sheriff. Pa Danby: If that gun had gone off, it’d of blowed right up in my face. Jason McCullough: Now it wouldn’t have done my […]

We are your typical American consumers

Sometimes you plan on buying one thing and end up getting something slightly different. As part of my job responsibility, I provide support after hours. It’s not something that happens frequently because the first and second level support is really good. If a problem is escalated to me during my […]