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July 2009

What will NY Democrats do if Espada and Monserat both resign?

What a pair. NY is lucky to have such characters in the state senate. Monserrate is headed to trial and Espada has his own problems. If either or both of these self serving senators have to resign then there will… Continue Reading →

Far Cry 2 is just as buggy on Windows 7

Nice to see somethings don’t change. Last night Far Cry 2 created a BSOD on Windows 7. Still a fun game but it crashing all the time ruins it.

Installed Windows 7 RC

My Dell XPS720 has been locking up and staying dead for hours. The only thing that would bring it back was unplugging the PC from the power and wait till it forgave whatever offense I committed. This week I backed… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu UNR 9.04 performance boost

My Acer Aspire One netbook is good but the 8GB SSD drive that it shipped with is still the biggest drawback.  When I want to view HQ or regular YouTube clip (forget about HD), the SSD gets accessed and performance… Continue Reading →

Completed the 1/144 HG 00 Raiser

After I completed the Crossbone Gundam I started the 1/144 HG 00 Raiser designer colors version. Not a bad build and I put on almost all of the decals. My son built the 1/100 00 Gundam and this one had… Continue Reading →

Factually correct makes it fun reading

The best part of Frank Rich’s article is that his examples are dead on. Michael Steele’s words are just pure comedy gold. The hearings were pure “Alice in Wonderland.” Reality was turned upside down. Southern senators who relate every question… Continue Reading →

MG Crossbone Gundam X-1

And the struggle to reduce my Gunpla backlog continues! I’ve just finished assembling the MG Crossbone Gundam X-1. It’s the pirate Gundam and it’s very cool. Things to consider with this model: No poly caps! Cool since models are meant… Continue Reading →

Finished the MG Gyan

I’ve been trying to catch up on my back log of Gunpla and I assembled the MG Gyan. As master grades go, it was “Eh”.  The build was not particularly difficult and there were not many surprises. It’s a heavy… Continue Reading →

AOL picks on the wrong end user

You’ve got Blackmail! Nice that AOL picks on a WSJ writer. Too bad that AOL is not already out of business.

Completed the MG RX-78-2 v2.0 Gundam

Moving on to the MG Gyan now.

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