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Month: March 2009

Generally, I am a satisfied Dell customer

I am a repeat Dell customer. I’ve been buying their equipment for years and I have always found that they…

Must be the late nights last week

I’m wasting time with these videos today, more so than usual.  This is the video that convinced me to buy…

Fun tilt shift video

Saw this on Digg while wasting time. It’s called Bathtub IV and it’s a lot of fun. It’s personal project…

Microsoft will eventually become important on the Internet

Why does Microsoft continue to chase Internet search? Because someday, that dog will actually catch that car. And then what…

Yep, that’s the deal with my son

This is the HG Hy-gogg I just built. I have been catching up on my Gunpla stash lately because of…

Jon Stewart v Jim Cramer?

Jim Cramer sure has guts. He did not have to show up on The Daily Show.

Hands down, Ari Fleischer is a tool

You can’t trumpet how safe we all are while ignoring that they let the worst terrorist attack in the U.S….

Photoshop Elements 7 pet peeves

I used Photoshop Elements 6 and liked it.  It worked and let me touch up my photos quickly and efficiently….

Quake Live Beta works now

They’ve solved the queue problem and I’ve just logged onto Quake Live beta. I had zero wait time. The game…

What a great way to start March

It started snowing last night. Not a lot in an hour, but it did not stop. Now schools are closed…

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