Mostly about my amusement

Yep, that’s the deal with my son


This is the HG Hy-gogg I just built. I have been catching up on my Gunpla stash lately because of a deal I made with my 7 year old son. When he’s extra good in school he gets to build a model with me.

He’s been extra good for the last 4 school day so I have been busy for the last few evenings.

He does not want me to work on the model with him, he wants me to work on my own next to him. So here’s the one I just completed and later on I’ll upload pictures of his HG Rick Dom II Colony Color version.

He’s getting pretty good at it and he’s having a fun time. Soon he’s going to demand that we paint his model! It’s all good but his sister is beginning to get jealous so I better start including her on our model building sessions.