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March 2012

New skin for an old Olympus Trip 35

I wish I thought to take a “before” photo. Last year I purchased another Olympus Trip 35 for 2 reasons. The first reason was to replace the camera that had taken a hit and stopped working. The second reason is… Continue Reading →

Report from the home front

As I embark on taking care of the household while Lily is away, I thought it would be a good idea to take notes for when she returns on the 2oth. It’s like a blog within a blog and I’m… Continue Reading →

Thrift shop find: Sunpak Auto 121C flash

I collect old parts for a junk pile cameras and today I found an old Sunpak Auto 121C flash at the thrift shop. When it comes to cameras, the local thrift shop isn’t often a good place to go picking…. Continue Reading →

So! 10 days left to my own devices

After much prodding I have finally convinced Lily to post to her own blog. That intense conversation went like this and took a lot out of me. Me: You should post articles about what you are doing or topics you… Continue Reading →

Get Your Tin Foil Hats Right Here!

Update: Sometimes I DO over think a problem and a solution. Which is odd because SSL is also one of my (supposedly!) strong points. Skip to the comments below for something that Andrew Nacin pointed out. 😀 ——————————– Part of… Continue Reading →

“I was the voice of the Flash for 10 years”

Tim Daly’s always good, but add Nathan Fillion and it’s just plain GENIUS. The show is well produced and my favorite part is take 2 with Michael Rosenbaum.

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