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Dead Xbox 360 MTU issue

For months my Xbox 360 has been complaining about the MTU being too small on my Internet gateway. This meant no updates and Xbox Live stopped working. I’ve been busy so I did not give it much thought. My brother Alek bought a new one  for his apartment and hooked it up at my house.  […]

Family Gunpla

First model my son built

The set of First Grade 1/144 models from Hobby Search came today and my son wanted to get started.  After dinner we sat down and he got to work. I think he did pretty well for someone almost 7 years old. All I had to do was show him how to clip the pieces off […]

Family Humor

“Let’s go to a different cemetery”

Today we observed the anniversary of a close relative’s death by visiting the cemetery and leaving offerings (Chinese family members).  It’s very respectful and Lily and I want our children to understand the reasons for this. But my five year old girl is sick and the place we were going to is very cold.  She […]

Family Gunpla

Got some Speed Grade models

My soon to be 7 year old son is fascinated whenever I build a model.  He really enjoys just watching me and examining the parts I put together. It’s part of that whole son dad thing and I like him watching me too. His school teacher wants him to work on things that have  step […]


Not Gundam models

I ordered some 1/144 scale FG models from Hobby Search and was excited to see they arrived. I ordered 6 and each one was 285 yen, so with EMS shipping charge of 2,800 yen I spent ~$47. What I actually got instead of 6 FG Gundam models was two Tamiya 1/48 scale German 3ton 4×2 […]


More GITMO legal good news

This cheers me up: Judge Declares Five Detainees Held Illegally. I am sure the Bush Administration will fight this till the end. But even with bad guys, we need to follow the law instead of making excuses.

Geek Software

WordPress 2.7 beta 3 is looking good

I’ve been using WordPress 2.7 beta for a week now and the new layout is very easy to get used to.  So far so good. I think a lot of people will revolt, cry, wail, and moan complain about the GUI changes and will probably demand their money back.  But 2.7 is looking to be […]


Might not be a civil liberties problem

I like the ACLU and by extension the NYCLU.  I think that people questioning their government is the right thing to do and civil liberties are very important. But sometimes I read something like this and I think that they should prioritize what they spend their efforts and attention on.  Here is a quote: ”When […]


Watching the shower get fixed

Yesterday Lily stayed at home and got the contractors started on our bathroom.  They have done work for us before and don’t need us but we wanted to start off right. Today it was my turn so I took a day off and ran errands.  Me and the owner of the contracting company went to […]


Oh sure, it’s just a little leak

We thought we had a little leak in the shower faucet.  After we started looking at the damage it became apparent that it was much more than we thought. The ceiling in the living room below was showing some water damage but not like this.  The board behind the tiles was not water proof, so […]