I ordered some 1/144 scale FG models from Hobby Search and was excited to see they arrived. I ordered 6 and each one was 285 yen, so with EMS shipping charge of 2,800 yen I spent ~$47.

tamiya-truckWhat I actually got instead of 6 FG Gundam models was two Tamiya 1/48 scale German 3ton 4×2 Cargo Truck Kfz. 305 each worth 1,900 yen.  All six FG models combined were 1,710 yen.

Gah. I’ve never been into WWII models and I’m out my 6 FG models. I’ll e-mail Hobby Search and see what they want to do.  They’re in Japan so this should be fun. I’ve ordered from them before and never had any problems.

Somewhere someone probably received my 6 models and is miffed that they did not get the two trucks.

Update: Hobby Search is the best. I sent an e-mail to them and they replied almost immediately.  All they have requested is that I send them a picture of what they shipped to me which I just did.