Got some Speed Grade models

Gundam Speed Grade Collection

My soon to be 7 year old son is fascinated whenever I build a model.  He really enjoys just watching me and examining the parts I put together. It’s part of that whole son dad thing and I like him watching me too.

His school teacher wants him to work on things that have  step by step instructions to get him to work on his patience.  She knows about the models so we agreed that I would work with him on some easy models.  After looking some over with him, I ordered a set of  Speed Grade models, 2 of each, and tomorrow I’ll start one with him.

It’s going to be interesting.  I’ve explained that he will make mistakes and should not get frustrated.  He is really pumped about working with me on this.  He knows the difference between models and toys and I know he’ll work on this seriously. Today we picked up some clippers so he can remove the pieces from the mold.

These are pre-painted and meant for small kids. Once we’ve completed one I’ll post it on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Got some Speed Grade models

  1. Jan,
    the speed grades are great starters for people and beginners who are interested to get started on model-building but worried about being overwhelmed by the steps & instruction.

    your choice of using speed grade is an ideal choice and I’m sure your son will benefit immensely and enjoy himself when he gets through.

    btw, I used to be hyperactive when I was young but building gunpla kit has help me alot with my patience and settling me down.

  2. Jacques,

    I’m still hyperactive, it’s a good job trait in IT 🙂

    He’s really excited. I got two of each to allow for mistakes but I think he’ll really like it and will be fine (with adult help of course).

    Jan Dembowski

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