I frequently will uninstall a piece of software such as Firefox and then forget what add-ons or Greasemonkey scripts I was using. Or rebuild a PC with the factory DVD and realize that I forgot that useful editor I had installed.

This list is to help me re-obtain software I regularly use on my PC.

  1. I’ve switched to Chrome because it just works and upgrades without even letting me know.
  2. Firefox– What else?
    1. I’ve resisted it but for bookmarks I now use Google Chrome as my browser of choice. To securely use passwords I’ve gone and purchased 1Password from Agile Bits.
    2. FxIF – I like to check out what the photo’s EXIF info is.
    3. Greasemonkey -Too useful for words. If you are on Firefox 4 beta give the nightliesa try.
      1. Google Reader for wider screens – I have a wide screen and don’t like being penalized for that.
      2. FlickrCommentTools – I don’t always leave comments. But when I do, I use FlickrCommentTools.
      3. Flic.kr Link – If I share a Flickr photo I want the Flickr short URL.
      4. Flickr Refer Comment – Nice photo, want to know how I got here?
      5. Flickr Buddy Icon Reply – See a trend here with Flickr greasemonkey scripts?
      6. YouTube HD Ultimate – Just plain YouTube goodness.
      7. Yousable Tube Fix – Seems to work better with the current version of YouTube.
  3. Notepad++ – Notepad with formatting and line numbers. Line numbers are cool. On my iMac it’s Fraise.
  4. HandBrake – Hypothetically, if I did rip DVDs to my iPhone I would use Handbrake. Hypothetically speaking.
  5. OpenOffice.org – Word processing and spreadsheets for the rest of us. Although getting Office 2010 via Microsoft’s Home Use Program is a great bargain.
  6. Pidgin – Multi-protocol instant messenger.
  7. John’s Background Switcher – I first did this on my iMac with DeskLickr but John’s software has more options.
  8. Switcher РExpos̩ for Windows. My iMac spoils me. Use the instructions here to get the best results.
  9. iTunes – How else do I manage my music on my phone?
  10. Tweetdeck – Twitter for the desktop.
  11. STEAM – I like being able to get my games back with just a good connection to the Internet.
  12. PuTTY – No nonsense SSH term software.
  13. Flickr Uploadr – I don’t share all of my shots but when I do this works.

I’ll continue to add to this list as I go.