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Posting using the Xinha4wp

This is essentially the same posting as the last two but using the Xinha4wp plugin. It’s an awesome plugin. The images need to places on the server before hand but that is not to different from the other two pieces of software. Within this plugin I can get pretty creative. […]

Internet Explorer PNG problem

I just installed a weather icon on the side bar of my blog. In Firefox it looks great. It draws a PNG formatted icon for the weather condition. The plugin is easy to install, provides a option page in WordPress admin and is easy to work with. Being pleased with […]

Ubuntu Linux

I had been thinking about playing with Ubuntu Linux for some time now and at the end of October I went to the web site and ordered a set of Ubuntu 5.10 CDs. You fill out the form, and they ship you CDs for free. Minimum order is 5. […]