I may be able to host my server in my basement after all.

When I lived at the old house, I had Time Warner Cable for surfing the web, and Acedsl. The DSL line was for hosting my domain in my house, I was given a /29 address block to use.

DSL was okay, but due to distance limitations I was getting 768 kbps up and down. With TWC I was getting ~1 to 2 Mbps down, don’t know how fast up stream.

Last year when my family moved to Long Island I found that there was no DSL available here, and Cablevision was only offering dynamic addresses and blocked ports 80 and 25. Running a mail/web server was not doable.

Now for an additional $10/month (if you are a voice subscriber already) Optimum Online offers unblocking ports 25 and 80 and provides a DDNS client. Also they uncap the speed so down stream is now up to 30 Mbps, upstream is up to 2 Mbps.

That’s pretty respectable. See http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ for a good speed test. I selected the Washington, DC server. Here is a graphic of the results I just got.


10641 kbps down, 1733 kbps up. Just plain sick. If I can work it out, I may setup a server in my basement.