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September 2007

Last episode of Darker Than Black

The last episode of Darker than Black came out.

Well, no iPhone for me in the future

I had considered getting an iPhone in the past but the EDGE only cell network irked me so I figured I’d get one when a) they support 3G cell phone networks, and b) when the iPhone becomes 16 GB. Now… Continue Reading →

Great responce to telemarketers and survey takers

Saw this on Reddit, a great way to deal with telemarketers or those annoying survey telephone pains.

Java on Vista 64 bit does not work

Another update: While Java is still working for me, other people have resolved their problem below.  Read the comments for a solution. Update: I still get hits to this post.  Java works on my Vista 64 installation for both Internet… Continue Reading →

Problems with machine translation

The machine translation I am using is giving me problems.  More accurately Google thinks my server is a compromised machine with spyware and BabelFish changed something so my pages are not being translated. I’m not complaining because both service are… Continue Reading →

Claymore wrapped up

The anime Claymore wrapped up with the 26th episode.

XPS 700 to XPS 720 upgrade

Today the service technician arrived to do the scheduled upgrade of my XPS 700 to XPS 720 mother board. It was all professional and mostly well done with four not so big problems I noticed after he left. The color… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.3 upgrade completed

WordPress 2.3 was released.  The upgrade went exactly as planned and was all good.  Now I have to think about cleaning up my hacked up theme.

Getting ready for WordPress 2.3

In a few days the new version of WordPress comes out and with the exception of tags, for me the upgrade to 2.3 is pretty straight forward. I have to plan to stop using UTW and switch to the built… Continue Reading →

The “Why is Firefox blocked” fellow is a nut

Wow. If that nut wants to block Firefox or Adblock Plus users then he should just do so. “His actions demonstrate a direct intent to defraud web site owners”, what a kook. Wonder what thinks about Lynx?

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