Problems with machine translation

The machine translation I am using is giving me problems.  More accurately Google thinks my server is a compromised machine with spyware and BabelFish changed something so my pages are not being translated.

I’m not complaining because both service are free and reminds me of why some people really dislike machine translation.

For now I’ll turn off the plugin.  the translated URL’s ( for example) takes the user to the original article, so this is not really a big deal.

3 thoughts on “Problems with machine translation

  1. Why don’t you try MozTrans? This is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox but I think it also works on Sea monkey and Thunderbird. Supports topical dictionaries and I haven’t had problems with it yet. The developer is Interlecta.

  2. Luis,

    My problem was not in translating pages on my browser, it was with the software that I used to provide translated versions of my English language posts.

    Eventually I gave up and just turned off that software. It was good software, but it did not really do anything for me.

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