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Java on Vista 64 bit does not work

What you should see when Java runs

Another update: While Java is still working for me, other people have resolved their problem below.  Read the comments for a solution.

Update: I still get hits to this post.  Java works on my Vista 64 installation for both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.

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I can’t get Java to run from a web browser in Vista 64 bit version.

I had to take an unplanned day off Friday. The day before I had gotten my remote access key fob so I figured I’d try using the browser based remote access into work.

I was in for a surprise. Like many solutions, work’s remote access relies on Java running in a browser. I had not yet needed Java in the months that I installed Vista 64 bit so I had to install it.

On Firefox (a 32 bit app) it kept dying when I tried to install it. On Internet Explorer 7 (also a 32 bit app) it looked like it was working but the browser would hang when I tried to reload it. Once I thought I had it installed but Internet Explorer 7 kept hanging and Firefox would just close whenever I hit a page with Java in it.

Looking this up using Google was kind of helpful but it just confirmed that I could probably get the 64 bit version running independently for stand alone apps like Azureus but being able to run it in a browser was not going to happen.

I’m going to re-install the 64 bit Java run time and try the web site in 64 bit Internet Explorer 7 (yes, they have a seperate executable and shortcut for the 64 bit browser) but I don’t think this will work due to changes in Internet Explorer.

This morning I used Synaptic and installed the sun-java packages for version 5. Remote access worked fine in Ubuntu. How ironic is that when Citrix Metaframe runs on Ubuntu but not on a Microsoft operating system?

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Jan Dembowski

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  1. I try to install the Java (version6, update 11) plug-in for firefox3 but it just won’t work. It is in the list of plugins, but java-applications on websites are just a blank square. (I am using Vista 64bit)

    It works in IE 32bit (but not in IE64bit)

    Are there any solutions yet? I am not the only person with this problem I assume.

  2. Dimitri,

    Unfortunately all I can recommend is that you completely remove Java from your system and try installing a new copy.

    Java keeps multiple versions of itself and that might be causing a conflict.

    Good luck.

  3. It’s a new computer, there wasn’t any java on it. I installed en re-installed the JRE6(update11) a few times, but it still won’t work in Firefox. It shows himself in the plugin/addon list. But java applications won’t work.

  4. Had the same problem, and found a way to fix it!

    Disable all the java extensions in your firefox, and then shut it down. Next: I just copied all the dlls from the Java folder in program files into mozilla firefoxPlugins directory. Start firefox again and then it works perfectly.

  5. Hello!

    The only 3 DLL’s you have to copy are:


    This used to be a problem in the Java 1.4/Firefox 1.x days. It was fixed in the past, but it looks like it’s back. 🙁

    Tim Massey

  6. Same problem here, could not get java 32 bit working in Firefox 32 bit on Vista 64 bit.

    The copying of those 3 dlls to the FireFox plugin folder worked a treat.

  7. Thanks a lot! I had the exact same problem with Vista x64 + Firefox 3.0.5 and Java6 update 11. After copying the dll files everything works again.

  8. So far there are no flash or java plugins for 64-bit internet explorer. Java should be ready soon (an update to version 6) but can’t say exactly when.

  9. Had the problem with FireFox 3.0.7 , Java 6.0_12-b04: Java Applets were blank.

    Vista x64, Java Plugin in Internet Explorer worked just fine.

    Couldn’t find a solution on the net. Futzed for a while and found that you need to do the following:

    1) go to the Java Control Panel (search to find out how)

    2) Advanced | Java Plug-in

    3) _Disable_ “Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in (requires browser restart)”

    4) Make sure to enable Mozilla family in Default Java for browsers

    Hope this helps someone!

  10. Yes copying the 3 dll’s seems to have enabled Java. I’m just wondering when an update comes will I have to recopy these 3 dll’s?

  11. thanks a lot Timothy J. Massey it worked just great been at it all day and also reintalled vista twice actually it only needed the two plugins NPOJI610.dll
    _13 dll is because I am on latest java with 3.10 firefox
    For some re the plugins dont install


  12. by the way had the same problem in ie8 but all i had to do was disable and enable the add ons

  13. Thank you so much guys, your solution works as hell (but it took me 4 hours to get to your page!!)

  14. Thank gawd for you guys…this had been annoying me for days! wish there was some way to get this to the top of the search list on google! 😛