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Java on Vista 64 bit does not work

What you should see when Java runs

Another update: While Java is still working for me, other people have resolved their problem below.  Read the comments for a solution.

Update: I still get hits to this post.  Java works on my Vista 64 installation for both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.

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I can’t get Java to run from a web browser in Vista 64 bit version.

I had to take an unplanned day off Friday. The day before I had gotten my remote access key fob so I figured I’d try using the browser based remote access into work.

I was in for a surprise. Like many solutions, work’s remote access relies on Java running in a browser. I had not yet needed Java in the months that I installed Vista 64 bit so I had to install it.

On Firefox (a 32 bit app) it kept dying when I tried to install it. On Internet Explorer 7 (also a 32 bit app) it looked like it was working but the browser would hang when I tried to reload it. Once I thought I had it installed but Internet Explorer 7 kept hanging and Firefox would just close whenever I hit a page with Java in it.

Looking this up using Google was kind of helpful but it just confirmed that I could probably get the 64 bit version running independently for stand alone apps like Azureus but being able to run it in a browser was not going to happen.

I’m going to re-install the 64 bit Java run time and try the web site in 64 bit Internet Explorer 7 (yes, they have a seperate executable and shortcut for the 64 bit browser) but I don’t think this will work due to changes in Internet Explorer.

This morning I used Synaptic and installed the sun-java packages for version 5. Remote access worked fine in Ubuntu. How ironic is that when Citrix Metaframe runs on Ubuntu but not on a Microsoft operating system?


  1. I try to install the Java (version6, update 11) plug-in for firefox3 but it just won’t work. It is in the list of plugins, but java-applications on websites are just a blank square. (I am using Vista 64bit)

    It works in IE 32bit (but not in IE64bit)

    Are there any solutions yet? I am not the only person with this problem I assume.

  2. Dimitri,

    Unfortunately all I can recommend is that you completely remove Java from your system and try installing a new copy.

    Java keeps multiple versions of itself and that might be causing a conflict.

    Good luck.

  3. It’s a new computer, there wasn’t any java on it. I installed en re-installed the JRE6(update11) a few times, but it still won’t work in Firefox. It shows himself in the plugin/addon list. But java applications won’t work.

  4. Had the same problem, and found a way to fix it!

    Disable all the java extensions in your firefox, and then shut it down. Next: I just copied all the dlls from the Java folder in program files into mozilla firefoxPlugins directory. Start firefox again and then it works perfectly.

  5. Andre, thanks for that. I really did not have anything to offer as Java now works well for me.

  6. Hello!

    The only 3 DLL’s you have to copy are:


    This used to be a problem in the Java 1.4/Firefox 1.x days. It was fixed in the past, but it looks like it’s back. 🙁

    Tim Massey

  7. Same problem here, could not get java 32 bit working in Firefox 32 bit on Vista 64 bit.

    The copying of those 3 dlls to the FireFox plugin folder worked a treat.

  8. Thanks a lot! I had the exact same problem with Vista x64 + Firefox 3.0.5 and Java6 update 11. After copying the dll files everything works again.

  9. Wish I could take credit, but Andre and Timothy posted the solution 🙂

    Glad it’s working for you now.

  10. So far there are no flash or java plugins for 64-bit internet explorer. Java should be ready soon (an update to version 6) but can’t say exactly when.

  11. Java is working in 64 bit Internet Explorer. New update: Version6 Update 12!

  12. Had the problem with FireFox 3.0.7 , Java 6.0_12-b04: Java Applets were blank.

    Vista x64, Java Plugin in Internet Explorer worked just fine.

    Couldn’t find a solution on the net. Futzed for a while and found that you need to do the following:

    1) go to the Java Control Panel (search to find out how)

    2) Advanced | Java Plug-in

    3) _Disable_ “Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in (requires browser restart)”

    4) Make sure to enable Mozilla family in Default Java for browsers

    Hope this helps someone!

  13. Jeff,

    Thanks for the instructions. This page gets a lot of hits, so I am sure you’ve helped out somebody 🙂

  14. Yes copying the 3 dll’s seems to have enabled Java. I’m just wondering when an update comes will I have to recopy these 3 dll’s?

  15. You do have to copy the dll’s again when Java updates. 🙁

  16. thanks a lot Timothy J. Massey it worked just great been at it all day and also reintalled vista twice actually it only needed the two plugins NPOJI610.dll
    _13 dll is because I am on latest java with 3.10 firefox
    For some re the plugins dont install


  17. by the way had the same problem in ie8 but all i had to do was disable and enable the add ons

  18. Thank you so much guys, your solution works as hell (but it took me 4 hours to get to your page!!)

  19. Thx man, it helped me a lot

  20. Thank gawd for you guys…this had been annoying me for days! wish there was some way to get this to the top of the search list on google! 😛

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