Family Humor

Memorial Day 2010

We had friends and family over to celebrate Memorial Day and have a BBQ. We also used the new pool a lot. The pool has a slide. It was a great day and everyone had fun. You can see more photos on my Flickr set.


I am now the pool boy

What a fun couple of weeks this has been. We’ve opened up our pool and the whole family is enjoying it. It been a huge project to get to this point. Last November, my wife and I had an in ground pool installed and we’ve been scurrying to get it fully operational for the Memorial […]

Geek Software

WordPress 3.0 menus and Hybrid theme

WordPress 3.0 beta comes with support for a customized menu system that optionally replaces the wp_page_menu with wp_nav_menu. Drag and drop menu management is a cool and useful feature. It’s like widgets only for navigation purposes. For my WordPress blog I am using a child theme of Hybrid called WP Full Site and I’ve made […]


1/1 scale Hoi Hoi-san model

All done. This one was good, but the hair ruins the balance of the whole model. Also I may glue some of the hair pieces. They fall off if you look at it too closely. I’m not sure which model I’ll pickup next. It’s a toss-up between the heavy arms version or another Gundam model.

Anime Geek

Hoi Hoi San WIP

Not my usual type of model. This is the work in progress picture for the 1/1 scale Hoi Hoi-san model. It’s for my 6 year old girl. To make sure that it all works out, I’m gluing the pieces together when appropriate. The head will have interchangeable faces so I need to remember to NOT […]

Cool Games Geek Software

Portal is free!

Well, it’s free for a while. If you’ve never played, get it NOW. Especially if you own a Mac. Very cool and when Portal 2 comes out, I’ll get it.

Cool Humor

And now for some Betty White

SNL at it’s best. I don’t watch Saturday Night Live ever, but I’m sure glad you can catch the clip on Hulu.


Google Voice on the iPhone is slick

After I read this article on Gizmodo  (helpfully called “How To: Jailbreak Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad”) I figured what the heck and did the deed. The Spirit Jailbreak Tool is as fire and forget as it gets. I backed up my iPhone, made sure I could restore it to its pristine Apple condition […]

Anime Gunpla

HG Cherudim completed

All done.  The weight of this GNHW/R version demands a stand but for now I’ll just leave it standing. Next one up is something completely different. I purchased the HG D-50C Loto twin set for my son, so to be fair I got two Hoi-Hoi san models for my girl. I’ll work on one of […]

Anime Gunpla

Almost completed my next HG

I started the HG 1/144 HG Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R a few days ago and it’s a quick build. Like most (all?) of the newer HG models, the detail is good and easy going. I’ll post completed pictures when it’s done.