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Laptop committed XP suicide

For about a week my IBM T40 laptop has been acting bizarre. It boots, complains about different problems, and none of the network connections work at all. Using the few tools I have for XP, I can’t get the thing to work. It’s gotten to the point where I have […]

Downloading opensuse 10.1

I downloaded the Opensuse 10.1 remastered DVD iso. Rather than use bittorrent I located a fast mirror and downloaded the whole thing. Click on the thumbnail for the graph, it was down a max speed of 17.16 Mbits/sec. That’s insane and I had no idea that Optimum could go that […]

XPS 700 Vista re-install

I upgraded from XP to Vista. Since I purchased my XPS 700 as soon as it came out I did not qualify for Dell’s free Vista upgrade. My XP install had a ton of junk left on from installing apps, removing them, games I did not play etc. So I […]

eAccelerator for Opensuse 10.0

Updated: I bumped the version from 0.9.5 to The source RPM for can be found here. The 32 bit compiled version can be found here. I no longer have access to a x86_64 opensuse installation but running this command: rpmbuild -bb php5-eaccelerator- should create them on your system. […]

Hello! I’ll be right with you!

5 year old boy to 3 year old girl at 5 am: “You HAVE to go downstairs and get my toy doggie.” 3 year old girl: “I’m scared! No one’s downstairs!” 5 year old boy: “HE-LL-O! I’ll be right with you!” Lately he’s been picking up words and phrases from […]