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March 2007

Platinum Gundam FIX

A $250,000 Gundam FIX figure.  Wow.

Laptop committed XP suicide

For about a week my IBM T40 laptop has been acting bizarre. It boots, complains about different problems, and none of the network connections work at all. Using the few tools I have for XP, I can’t get the thing… Continue Reading →

National Security Letter abuse

Remember it’s only an abuse of government power when other countries do it.

Easy server upgrade

I gave up on running my blog on a VPS. It was just too problematic and I got tired of trying to get it working well. So I opted to put the blog on my old basement server.
My old basement server was…

Downloading opensuse 10.1

I downloaded the Opensuse 10.1 remastered DVD iso. Rather than use bittorrent I located a fast mirror and downloaded the whole thing. Click on the thumbnail for the graph, it was down a max speed of 17.16 Mbits/sec. That’s insane… Continue Reading →

VPS server is acting up

I had to move my WordPress installation from the VPS to the machine in my basement.  The VPS web server was sending the headers and then closing the connection before sending the web page.  Still trying to sort it out.

XPS 700 Vista re-install

I upgraded from XP to Vista. Since I purchased my XPS 700 as soon as it came out I did not qualify for Dell’s free Vista upgrade. My XP install had a ton of junk left on from installing apps,… Continue Reading →

Added asides to the FastTrack theme

I added asides to the modified Fastrack theme I’m using. It’s ugly; Sadish’s php code is really organized and I’m hacking with a butchers cleaver…

eAccelerator for Opensuse 10.0

Updated: I bumped the version from 0.9.5 to The source RPM for can be found here. The 32 bit compiled version can be found here. I no longer have access to a x86_64 opensuse installation but running this… Continue Reading →

Hello! I’ll be right with you!

5 year old boy to 3 year old girl at 5 am: “You HAVE to go downstairs and get my toy doggie.” 3 year old girl: “I’m scared! No one’s downstairs!” 5 year old boy: “HE-LL-O! I’ll be right with… Continue Reading →

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