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eAccelerator for Opensuse 10.0

Updated: I bumped the version from 0.9.5 to

The source RPM for can be found here.

The 32 bit compiled version can be found here.

I no longer have access to a x86_64 opensuse installation but running this command:

rpmbuild -bb php5-eaccelerator-

should create them on your system.


I wanted to add APC or even XCache but found that my PHP version 5.0.4 was not supported. Changing to 5.2.1 did not really seem to work well for me and some plugins did not work. So I went back to the default updated opensuse 10.0 packages.

The PHP cache software eaccelerator 0.9.5 does work with php 5.0.4. In fact sometimes it speeds up php by almost half.

The opensuse 10.0 source rpm I put together can be found here. I built the .x86_64.rpm and put a copy here. The src.rpm will figure out where to put the extension so if you do a rpmbuild on the src.rpm on another opensuse which has php5 installed it should work.

The spec file has some build requirements, most of which can be commented out I am sure. I built it with

configure –enable-eaccelerator=shared –with-php-config=/usr/bin/php-config

I put the eaccelerator.cache_dir in /var/spool/eaccelerator and made that directory part of the package.

Inside the footer of my theme I put

<!– <?php echo get_num_queries(); ?> queries. <?php timer_stop(1); ?> seconds. –>

The timer shows that pages were taking 1.3 seconds or more to generate, sometimes longer.

With eaccelerator I get 0.628 seconds or so.

I also keep

define( ‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true );

in my wp-config.php right below the line that reads define (‘WPLANG’, ”);.

This caches database information such as categories etc. I turned it off and the frequent hitting of my mysql tables introduced a big delay in response time.

Next up will be to tune my mysql settings.