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Halo 2 on Vista problems

My installation of Halo 2 on Vista is not working. I get to the part where the Arbiter gets pushed off the ledge when Keyes gets captured and he loses the icon. The game complains about needing the DVD, I insert it and I have to repeat the whole level. […]

Kids pictures from trip

Saturday we drove to Lancaster County to have a “Day out with Thomas”. We gave the kids a camera each and here are some of the pictures that they took. First the girl: she’s going to be 4 at the end of the month. She likes MINI’s, go figure. Nice […]

Kids and digital cameras

For Christmas the kids had each gotten Disney digital cameras. These were okay but needed special software, a non-standard USB cable, and had no preview window. Yesterday Lily and I got the kids inexpensive affordable low end HP digital cameras. I’ll post the best pictures they take over the weekend […]

Safari 3 beta, safer and faster?

Security. Sweet. Security on Safari 3 Beta. Not so sweet. BetaNews | ‘Day One’ for Safari for Windows Becomes Zero-Day Nightmare Speed! Sweet. Speed. Can’t see the increase myself. Not so sweet. Joel on Software: Apple Safari for Windows: The world’s slowest web browser Joel updates the post a few […]

Safari 3 beta for Windows

You can download Safari 3 for Windows beta here. I’m not sure why this would matter for Apple. It’s a prettier browser (the font rendering is very anti-aliased) but this beta did bad things when I tried to write this blog entry using the built in WordPress editor. What’s the […]

Halo 2 on Vista

Microsoft could have done better for a Vista only game. Two weeks ago I was at my in-laws house. My nephew has an old Xbox (not the 360) and was playing Halo. It was a little retro compared with Gears of War but it looked okay. So for $20 at […]