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Not snow again

And thus it starts.  No, the snow thrower is not gassed up. It started a little while ago; I was expecting rain. Sigh, it’s like Lily saying to me “Not smart enough to come out of the rain” only with… Continue Reading →

What is it with Oprah and fakes?!

Another memoir author revealed as a hoax.  Boy, this guy better not re-appear on Oprah, she’ll eat him alive.

EVGA GTX-260 and Far Cry 2

One of the items I got for Christmas was an EVGA GTX-260 with 896 MB of DDR3 RAM. This is an upgrade from a pair for GeForce 7900 in SLI mode. The game comes with Far Cry 2 which works… Continue Reading →

Caroline Kennedy should run for Senate

That is, Caroline Kennedy should wait until 2010 or 2012 and run for office the old fashioned way. Hillary Clinton came to New York and campaigned for that senate seat.  She did not walk in and just say “Clinton!”, like… Continue Reading →

Eartha Kitt leaves us

I was in a good mood but not so much right now, Eartha Kitt died today at 81. Next time I hear “Santa Baby” I’ll be thinking of her.

I would not mind doing this in the office

IT versus SALES.  That would never happen, right? My work place has cubicle walls about that tall too…

Christmas Eve 2008

It’s been a quiet day today.  In a couple of minutes I’ll wake Lily up from her nap and we will get to work. The kids are asleep and I’ll get everything that we’ve carefully hidden. In case I am… Continue Reading →

Must be the HBO connection

I heard this on the radio last night. A State Supreme Court jury in the Bronx found the defendant, Lillo Brancato Jr., 32, guilty of first-degree attempted burglary, a felony, but said he was not culpable in the death of… Continue Reading →

Oh. That many pictures.

Today is slow and almost all of our shopping is done. So I am going through my photos this evening and notices something. I purchased my Nikon D60 in May 2008 and have been using Photoshop Elements since then. My… Continue Reading →

All my snows remembered

It snowed here Friday, so when I got home I started shoveling before I even went inside.  My driveway is on a slope so if you don’t drive an SUV (I do) then going up the ramp is a problem…. Continue Reading →

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